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Check list for NEWBORN sessions

Check list for Newborn session

Have any hats, bows, headbands, blankets, props, family heirlooms or other items you may want in the shots packed and ready.  We already have a ton in the studio.  But if you have something special, be sure to bring it along

The camera room is VERY WARM.  Be sure to dress accordingly.  If you are having images created with baby, bring a change of clothes.  Your baby will usually have their clothes off for most of the session so it needs to be extra warm.

If you are going to be in some of the photographs we will create those first before you get disheveled or sweaty due to the warmth in the room for your little one. Your hands may be shown in some photos. Please have nails trimmed and clean.

We ask that you refrain from taking Cell phone photos.  So please turn off phones or any other distractions during the photo shoot.

We encourage you to have at least one other person with you during your session. Sessions can often get long and tiring for all involved.

We will have water on hand…newborn sessions make you thirsty!!  Bring a snack.  New moms, nursing or not, need nourishment.

Keep baby awake 1-2 hours prior to leaving for ur session.  We know  how difficult this can be sometimes.  But we want baby to be sleepy for their modeling debut.  Also, try to plan feedings so that baby is hungry when you get here.  try to arrive 15-20 mins BEFORE your scheduled time.  This allows you time to feed baby here.  By doing this we have hopefully accomplished two things.  A tired hungry baby, who once fed, will fall fast asleep.