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Want unique? Options? Variety? For your Senior Portraits?  You are in the right place!! We are dedicated to providing our seniors with a private session, a say in how they are photographed and variety of sets in the studio and out.  Our studio is located on 80 acres of Pennsylvania farm land.  We have barns, trees, fences, grass, tractors, sheds, tires, flowers swings..... the list goes on, ALL RIGHT HERE!!   Every senior is different and so is every session!! 

What are the session options?

EXPRESS EXPERIENCE: 2 outfits in studio.  30 mins. $95.

LUXE EXPERIENCE: 3 outfits.  In studio and Outdoors 90 mins. $145.

ELITE EXPERIENCE: 5 outfits In studio and Outdoors + a location of your choice with in 20 miles of the studio. 2-3 hours depending on location. $195.

DUPLEX EXPERIENCE: Combine any of the above sessions in order to create your own unique SENIOR EXPERIENCE!!  Great for those who want images with varied hairstyles and different seasons.



  We are dedicated to you, your needs and wants while you are here.  We take the time to make sure you are comfortable, posed correctly and the lighting is just right.  We help you select the proper outfit to go with a particular set.  So don't worry if you can't decide which outfit to bring.  Bring a variety and we will help you decide.

What do I do first?
Take a look at your calendar. Choose a few dates that will work for you.  Then give Shari a call: 724.223.1503.  Have a credit card ready, all of our sessions  are pre paid in order to reserve your time with Shari.  Because she dedicates so much time to each senior, she only accepts 50 seniors each year.  She will ask you a few questions over the phone and prepare an info packet that you will receive by e-mail.  Look over the "What 2 Wear" brochure, call if you have questions, then RELAX!!  Once you get here, Shari will take care of the rest.

What if it rains?
Just give us a call. Sometimes it's raining where you are but not here.  Sometime we can photograph your indoor sets and dodge the rain in between for your outdoors and location.  However, if it is REALLY raining, we might have to reschedule your outdoor sets.

When will I see my images?
Ahh, this is the fun part!! We know you are excited and so are we.  We will schedule you to come back in about 2 weeks after your session for your selection appointment.  Keep in mind ALL DECISION MAKERS MUST ATTEND THIS APPOINTMENT!! Due to the show format of our presentation, once we start, it's hard to back up.  ONLY ONE VIEWING APPOINTMENT IS INCLUDED WITH YOUR SESSION so come prepared!!  If, for some reason you require us to show your images a second time, a $99 fee will be added to your order.  
Don't worry we are here to help you!! We want you to invest in the portraits that you want and that fit your home decor and to share with friends and family.  Shari is not a pushy sales person.  She will help guide you through the sales appointment and make sure that you are getting the proper portraits for the best value.

How much do Senior Portraits Cost?
You can purchase EXACTLY what you WANT.  Our easy to follow "CREATE YOUR OWN COLLECTION" allows for lots of flexibility and variety in selecting your favorite poses to match your favorite products. We will start with your Wall Portraits, then select the images to go into  your album and finally choose the images for gift portraits that you will share with friends and family.  We also offer Graduation invitations and announcements.  On average our clients invest $600-$1200 some less, some invest more.  It's all up to you.


Do you sell your digital files?
Well, that is a different kind of photographer.  Shari is a Portrait Artist and works very hard to make certain that you look good, are posed correctly and the lighting is just right for each and every image that she creates.  She also retouch each image by hand and has everything custom printed on quality heirloom papers to ensure that it is perfect!!  We GUARANTEE all of our portraits and want to make sure that everything is just right. We are here to help you select the products that best fit your homes decor.  We specialize is creating custom portrait art for our clients to display in their home.  And, I am sorry, a disc with files is just not a product that will display very nicely on your walls.  It will just end up tucked in a drawer somewhere and forgotten about.  And to be honest, that is not why I do what I do.  I get just as excited as my clients do when they see their images in final printed form and are excited to get them home and hung on there walls for the friends and family to see the next time they visit.  So please, ask yourself again, Do I really want digital files or do I want printed artwork professionally printed ready to display in my home?


Your very own personalized phone APP is created for you from each image that you purchase from.  Files are enhanced and web-optimized, intended for use on mobile devices, tablets and social media outlets to archive and share with family and friends. 

So, that's it!! Your Senior year is FINALLY HERE!!  Treasure every minute.  It will go by so FAST!!  We are here to help you get started and preserve who you are at this time in y our life.  It's all about you, your style... your ART of LIFE!!  Call Shari today and we will get started.  724.223.1503.