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How do I commission Shari for a portrait?

You can call the studio at 724.223.1503, contact her via email: or on Facebook.

All commission fees are payable at time of scheduling.  She will first schedule a Design Appointment and then your portrait appointment


The Design Appointment

Your design appointment is really where your portrait begins.  In thsi apointment, Shari will discuss with you the details, learn about the portrait subject(s) and establisha the vision for the portraits that will grace your homes decor for years to come.  What Shari does before a portrait in designing it directly affects the outcome of the images that are created.


The Selection Appointment

Soon after your session, about two weeks,  we will invite back to the studio into our viewing gallery.  This is a show type format, so once we start it is difficult to back up.  So it is very important that all decision makers come to this appointment.  We also have lots of things to discuss, so if it is possible to get a sitter for the kids we reccomend that you do so.  (Not that we don't LOVE them) but this time together goes so much smoother if you don't get distracted.  We will review images, Shari will share her favorites with you, select the proper size and finish and schedule your framing appointment.  This is a fun time.  Sit back and relax.  Shari is here to help you with your selections.  This appointment may take up to two hours.  We don't want you to feel rushed.


The Art unveiling

Everything about your portrait is custom!! This takes time.  There are many factors that go into creating an heirloom portrait.  For this reason it can take up to 6 weeks for your finished art to be completed.